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The effect of snowfall on the mountains in UP was visible, cold wave started running

Started chilling due to severe winter, bonfire is being built in poor settlements

Kanpur. After the passage of a fortnight of December, the Western Disturbance became active in the Himalayas and it is snowing regularly.

Its effect is now fast affecting the plains as well and the north-westerly winds are affecting the plains by carrying cold winds. Due to this the temperature is falling continuously and there will be fog in the sky. The Meteorological Department says that the sky is clearing due to which the outbreak of fog will increase rapidly along with the cold wave.

Dr. SN Sunil Pandey, Meteorologist of Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agricultural Technology said on Sunday that the cold wave has increased after the cloud cover over the sky. Melting and chill have increased in the plains at night. The Western Disturbance is over Jammu and Kashmir and adjoining parts of Ladakh. Due to this snowfall is happening in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand.

Due to the end of the cyclonic circulation, the sky has cleared and the northwest winds are bringing down the temperature rapidly. Not only this, due to the strong winds coming from the north-west, cold wave is going on.

The chill has increased due to the melting of the night and the temperature is likely to drop below seven degrees in the coming few days. In such a situation, people should be very careful. Wear warm clothes and cover your ears with a hat.

The meteorologist said that the maximum temperature was recorded at 23 and the minimum temperature was 7.4 degrees Celsius on Sunday. The relative humidity in the morning was 76 percent and the minimum relative humidity in the afternoon was 44 percent.

There is no chance of rain this week due to clear skies at block and district level of central Uttar Pradesh. The outbreak of cold wave will continue this week, so farmers are advised to maintain proper moisture in potato and vegetable crops by doing light irrigation.

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