MP CORONA NEWS: Corona infection is under control, the state should be Corona free by 31 May – Chief Minister Shri Chouhan

The process of unlocking will start from June 1,
Corona control will be managed with the cooperation of the public,
Chief Minister Shri Chouhan addressed the ministers and officials in charge of the districts.

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that all the gram panchayats, development blocks and districts of the state have to be made corona free by 31 May. Public participation and crisis management committees have played an important role at every level in the war against Corona. In the month of May, the process of unlocking the corona cases gradually from June 1 will be implemented with public participation. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was addressing Kovid Minister in-charge of districts, all Divisional Commissioners including in-charge officers, Inspector General of Police, Collectors and Superintendents of Police through video conferencing regarding corona control.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that at present, Corona in the state is in a state of infection control. The positivity rate is 4.82 percent. 79 thousand 737 tests were conducted in the state in which only 3 thousand 844 positives have come and 9 thousand 327 persons have become healthy. The state’s recovery rate has gone up to 90.86 percent. There was a time when all the beds of hospitals were full. There was a breakdown of oxygen and there was a ruckus for Remadecivir injection. Today, Madhya Pradesh is in better condition than before as a result of working with everyone’s hard work and team spirit. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan congratulated the entire team for this achievement.

Ensure monitoring by micro planning

Seeing it controlled, one cannot be relaxed. But to prevent infection, the state cannot be kept closed for eternity. The unlock process is to be started gradually from June 1. For this, 100% implementation of effective strategy will have to be ensured. In some districts of the state cases are coming in single digit whereas in many districts the number of cases is still high. In this case, we have to create an area-specific strategy. The districts with high infection wards and villages will have to be identified as hot spots. Intensive monitoring should be ensured by making these areas micro-content areas. Campaigns for intensive testing continued. Homes that are affected by corona infection should be isolated. Also make sure that such persons do not meet other family members. It is necessary to follow it continuously. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan in-charge ministers and

Continue testing

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that where there is a single positive case of Corona, the testing should be continued. Conduct intensive activities for testing. Mobile testing arrangements have been made in some districts. This is a good experiment, which other districts can also follow as needed.

Kil-Corona campaign will continue continuously

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the Kill-Corona campaign should be continued continuously. The third expedition will be completed on May 24, with the fourth Kill-Corona campaign to be launched. Every person affected by a cold, cough, cold, should be identified and provided with a medical kit immediately. Treatment should be arranged as needed. There is no delay in identifying the symptoms of corona and starting treatment. Corona patients admitted to hospitals should be treated better. Every effort should be made to save the patient’s life.

Preparations required for the third wave

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that preparations are on to face the third wave of Corona. There are only two ways. The precautions to be taken from the first corona such as wearing masks, not crowding, two yards, etc. should be followed so strictly that the third wave does not come. This strategy should be implemented with the participation of public representatives of Crisis Management Committees, Panchayat and Urban areas and public awareness campaign. The public participation model of the state has also been praised by Prime Minister Shri Modi. Recognizing the power of public participation in the state, it should be used meaningfully against Corona. The state government is continuously working to strengthen the health infrastructure structure for the third wave of Corona.

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