Bike stunt in Bhopal, youth and girl injured: release the clutch with the accelerator; The bike jumped and dragged 20 feet

Accident happened with bike riders doing wheelie stunts in Bhopal. The bike rider pulled the accelerator at top speed and released the clutch, but could not apply the brakes. The bike sprung up and turned 360° (circling in a circle). The boy from Mumbai driving the bike and the girl sitting behind ate gulati from 5-6 after falling. The bike kept dragging for 20 feet. Its video has also surfaced. VIDEO is being told of Bhopal’s Atal Path. In this case, the police could not get any information about the boy and the girl.

TT Nagar police station in-charge Sanju Kamle says that no complaint has been received regarding the stunt. VIDEO is of the night. It is not known what day it is. Let us tell you that this is not a new case of stunts in Bhopal. In the past also such cases of stunts have come to the fore in public places. In September 2021, the video of riding a bike by sitting a girl on a bike tank came to the fore in VIP Road itself. The police had challaned the bike rider

Know, what is wheelie stunt, first of all, know that stunt is not a crime, as long as it is done by professionals, because they take care of everything in terms of safety. If these untrained and unprofessional people do this, then they create a risk for themselves as well as for the lives of others.

In a wheelie stunt, the rider releases the clutch by taking the accelerator at full speed. This lifts the bike up on the rear tire. That is, the next tire is in the air. Stuntman creates balance by applying brakes. There are many stunts in biking stunts. For example, in a high chair wheelie, the rider sits on the petrol tank of the bike and performs stunts by lifting the back of the bike. No hand wheelie has a normal type of wheelie. In circle wheelie, bikers perform stunts by forming a circle.

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