Anuppur: Illegal refilling was happening under the guise of Common Service Center, 21 domestic cylinders seized

Anuppur: Refilling was being done by illegally storing gas cylinders without explosive license documents under the guise of Common Service Center operated by Shivnath Patel in Dhiraul village, 15 km from the district headquarters.

On Sunday, the District Food Supply Department seized 21 cylinders while taking guerilla action. In which 11 cylinders were found to be filled with gas, while 1 gas cylinder was partially filled. There were 9 empty cylinders. All the gas cylinders were of domestic use gas.

During this, documents were demanded from the operator on the gas cylinders stored in excess quantity contrary to the provisions, where the department registered a case under the Essential Commodities Act, confiscating all the cylinders after the documents of the Common Service Center were found.

Junior Food Supply Officer Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi said that information was received that gas is being sold illegally in the form of Common Service Center. In which action was taken at the shop on Sunday along with departmental employee Junior Food Supply Seema Sinha.

The official said that as per the provisions of the Common Service Center, the operator can store only 7 cylinders up to 100 kg of gas. For more than that, an explosives license has to be obtained. But during the investigation, 151 kg of gas were found here, while instead of 7 gas cylinders, 11 were filled. And the others were empty. The seized gas cylinders have been estimated to be around Rs 41 thousand.

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