After the outbreak of cold wave in MP, the health department issued advisory; Read who is more in need of care

Bhopal . It is freezing cold these days in Madhya Pradesh. The severe cold in Gwalior on Sunday has broken the record of 27 years. The minimum temperature recorded here is 1.8 degrees. With this, the minimum temperature in Naogaon has also reached 1.8 degrees. Cold wave is going on in other cities of the state, due to which people are in bad condition.

In view of the cold wave, an advisory has been issued by the Health Department in the public interest. In view of the cold and cold wave, necessary instructions have been issued by the Health Department regarding health related protection from the citizens.

According to the instructions issued by the Health Department on Sunday, patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, elderly people whose age is more than 64 years, children below 5 years of age, pregnant women etc. care is required. Therefore, this particular group and the general public have also been advised to wear adequate warm clothes in view of the winter and cold wave. As far as possible stay at home.

If the symptoms of other heat conditions such as lower than normal body temperature, unstoppable tremors, memory loss, unconsciousness or unconsciousness, slurred speech etc. appear, advise to seek the advice of a doctor at the nearest health center for proper treatment. Issued in public interest.

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