Some of the Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for SSC JE Exam

Some of the Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for SSC JE Exam

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts SSC JE exam to recruit qualified candidates for the post of Junior Engineer in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil engineering quantity surveying and other departments under government of India.


Every year lakhs of technical graduates appear for the SSC JE exam however, only a few thousand get through the rigorous selection process and secure a reputed government job. The high competition and difficulty level can partly be blamed for failure of candidates to crack the SSC JE exam however, the major factor behind their failure is the common yet significant mistakes committed by them during their preparation.


On that note, let’s talk about some of the most common yet significant mistakes that students can avoid during preparation to crack the SSC JE exam.

●      Not Knowing Pattern of the Exam and Syllabus in Details

Designing a study plan is crucial for effective exam preparation. Most students often commit a classic mistake of not going through the exam pattern and syllabus carefully before making their preparation strategy. Due to this, they end up wasting their valuable time on topics or subtopics that might not be even mentioned in the exam syllabus.


Also, a proper knowledge of the exam pattern is necessary to get an idea of the structure and various aspects of the exam. Exam pattern provides information regarding number of stages in the selection process, different sections in each test, overall number of questions, time duration, marking scheme etc.


Similarly, before applying for the SSC JE exam, students must check out all the details regarding eligibility criteria, application process, number of vacancies by typing SSC JE Apply Online on the google search bar.


Students while preparing for SSC JE exam must stick to the official SSC JE exam pattern and syllabus released by SSC on its official website for designing a foolproof preparation strategy and a plan of how they are going to attempt the exam.

●      Getting Caught up in Distraction

Many times we tend to waste a considerable amount of daily time on scrolling social media feeds, replying to messages, chatting, reading notifications etc. Students preparing for major government exams like SSC JE must stay clear of these distractions as this will affect their concentration and will keep them occupied. One way of achieving this is by keeping your devices away at a distance or turning off the notification on them while you study.


Apart from this, students must pick a quiet corner with least disturbance to study. Besides this, students can use noise cancellation headphones to cut off surround noises.

●      Losing Grip on Fundamentals and Concepts

Students are often more concerned about mesmerizing short tricks, formulas, facts and principles without in depth study of the fundamentals and concepts behind them. This is a recipe for disaster as the majority of questions asked in major government like SSC JE are concept based questions and can be of varying difficulty level.


Although students must practice the use of formulas and short tricks as they save time in examination, they should have a thorough understanding of the basic concepts behind them. This way they will be able to rescue themselves when they come across a complex question where only their fundamental knowledge of concepts will work.

●      Referring to multiple sources of study content

Students before starting their exam preparation struggle with a dilemma of finding the best and credible sources to study from such as books, study material, online courses, test series etc.


Often this dilemma follows them throughout their exam preparation and they shift from one book to another, surfing through videos on the internet and more. This wastes too much of their time and eventually leaves them confused with which study content source they must refer to.


To avoid this stress, students must make sure that the content of the study material and sources secured by them are updated and reliable.

●      Not Solving Previous Years’ SSC JE Papers

Another common mistake that students preparing for SSC JE or any other major exam commit is not solving previous year question papers. This restricts them from getting insights into the pattern of questions asked and the trend in weightage different topics in each section.


This could assist them in  making a blueprint as to how they must attempt different sections to score better in the exam. Apart from this, they also get knowledge of the significant topics having higher weightage so that they could pay more attention to them. This will help to ensure a good SSC JE Result and better chances of clearing the exam cut off.

●      Not Taking Regular Mock Tests and Revision

Students often underestimate the importance of attempting regular online  mock tests. By attempting regular mock tests, quizzes and practice sets, students can enhance their accuracy and speed.


Also, these online mock tests offered by various exam preparation portals include detailed performance analysis which will help students to rectify their mistakes and take account of their shortcomings so that they can work on them to convert them into their strengths.


Furthermore, students must not forget to duly revise what they have studied earlier. Studying for any exam is incomplete without proper revision as revision helps students to recall and retain the information they have learnt earlier on. Students must make short notes of various concepts, short tricks and formulas to facilitate quick and complete revision.

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