Twitter India Map: Twitter separates Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh from the map of India

Twitter India Map News: Microblogging site Twitter is once again embroiled in controversy. There is already an atmosphere of tension between Twitter and the central government and now Twitter’s problems may increase further. The map of India on Twitter’s website has been tampered with. Twitter has listed Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as independent countries on its website.

Twitter India Map News

The Government of India has also taken cognizance of this matter. The government is collecting a lot of facts in this regard, like when the map was changed, when the map was put on the website and what is the purpose behind the change in the map. Who are the people who posted this map on Twitter Who posted this map? Many such cases are under investigation.

Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh separated from the map of India

The Twitter Life section on Twitter’s career page has a map of the world. From here the company shows where the Twitter team is in the world. India is also in this map but the map of India is shown as controversial. Even before this, the part of Ladakh was not shown as part of India. However, that mistake was later rectified.

At present, the Government of India is openly opposing Twitter and Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said that Twitter has a double standard towards India. In such a situation, now the matter can become more serious. Ravi Shankar Prasad had earlier said that the intention of Twitter does not seem right.

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