Server of India’s famous hospital AIIMS hacked; Hackers demanded a ransom of 200 crores

The server of ‘All India Institute of Medical Sciences’ ie AIIMS in the capital Delhi is down for the last six days. Quoting sources, ‘PTI’ news agency has informed that AIIMS server has been hacked by hackers.

The hackers have demanded a ransom of about Rs 200 crore from the AIIMS administration. Hackers have also said that this amount should be given in the form of cryptocurrency (virtual currency).

This has created a stir in the hospital administration.

Server of India’s famous hospital AIIMS hacked; Hackers demanded a ransom of 200 crores

According to a report in ‘Money Control’, AIIMS server is down since last Wednesday. Due to server hacking, the information of 3 to 4 crore patients has been compromised. At present, emergency patients in hospitals, OPDs, laboratories and other works are being done with the help of pen and paper. The information about this incident has been given to the investigating agencies and further action is being taken.

A hospital official said that as per the recommendation of the investigating agencies, internet service has been stopped on all the computers in the hospital. AIIMS servers have data of several VIP patients including former prime ministers, ministers, judges and senior officials. “The hackers allegedly demanded Rs 200 crore in the form of cryptocurrency,” PTI quoted a source as saying.

Meanwhile, NIC has acquired control over the database and application server of e-Hospitals. Along with this, the NIC team is working to remove the virus from the servers of other e-hospitals in AIIMS. So far four servers have been scanned and the database is under control. Sources also say that it may take at least five more days for AIIMS to get full control over the servers.

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