Republic Day 2023: What is the difference between Republic Day and Independence Day?

The tricolor is hoisted on both Republic Day and Independence Day. But, there is some fundamental difference in the way these two national festivals are celebrated. The message is also received differently through these two.

Republic Day 2023: This time India is going to celebrate its 74th Republic Day. The country’s first civilian President Draupadi Murmu will unfurl the tricolor on the reconstructed duty path in the capital New Delhi and will take the salute at a spirited parade that has made the nation proud. Republic Day is celebrated to commemorate the day the Constitution of India came into force.

The program of flag hoisting also takes place on Independence Day. Both are the highest national festivals of the country. But, still there are some fundamental differences between the two national festivals. About which it is necessary to talk.

What is Republic Day?

The country is going to celebrate its 74th Republic Day on January 26, 2023 i.e. Thursday. On January 26, 1949, the Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution of India and from January 26, 1950, our Constitution came into force. India became a republic on this day and on that occasion Republic Day is celebrated every year on 26 January.

On the occasion of Republic Day, the President, who is also the first citizen of the country, hoists the tricolor on the duty path (first Rajpath). After this, the whole country witnesses spectacular parades and tableaux of the three armed forces and other security forces. Later, attractive tableaux of various states, ministries and other institutions are also displayed.

It is a national festival and is a public holiday on this day. Apart from the main ceremony in the country’s capital Delhi, the tricolor is also hoisted all over the country. On this occasion, the governors in the states and the lieutenant governors in the union territories hoist the flag in the main event and take the salute of the parade.

What is Independence Day?

The main function of the country on Independence Day is held at the Red Fort, where the Prime Minister hoists the tricolor on the ramparts of the Red Fort. The country became independent on August 15, 1947, on the same occasion there is a tradition of celebrating Independence Day every year on August 15. Like Republic Day, it is also a national festival.

Where the people of the country are directly exposed to the bravery, strength and valor of their three armies on Republic Day, on the contrary, on August 15, immediately after the flag hoisting, the Prime Minister gives a detailed speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

This speech includes the policies and plans of the government. In this, the Prime Minister keeps his point in front of the country on the government and the current political, diplomacy, economy and other situations. This speech gives a lot of glimpse of what is going on or is going to happen in the country.

Whatever the Prime Minister says from the Red Fort, the eyes of the media of the whole world are fixed on it. On the day of Independence Day, the chief ministers of the states unfurl the flag at the main function in their respective state capitals.

Republic Day 2023: Chief Guest

One of the main differences between Republic Day and Independence Day is that the country and the world are aware of the progress made in India on Republic Day. Whereas, Independence Day is a day to celebrate the success achieved in our freedom struggle. Every year on Republic Day, the head of state or government of some country or the other is invited as the chief guest. For example, this time on the occasion of Republic Day celebrations, Egyptian President Abdel Fateh al-Sisi will attend as the chief guest. A 120-member Egyptian contingent will also take part in the Republic Day parade.

republic day 2023 parade

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will traditionally pay tribute to the immortal soldiers on behalf of the country before President Draupadi Murmu unfurls the tricolor on the occasion of Republic Day. When the Prime Minister’s motorcade reaches the venue of the ceremony on the duty path, traditionally the President will arrive there with her bodyguards and the motorcade in grand style. Then the parade will start with the hoisting of the flag. On the occasion of Independence Day, where the main ceremony takes place at the Red Fort, the parade on 26 January reaches the Red Fort on the way back from India Gate.

Arrangement of 45,000 seats on duty path

This year, the effect of the reconstruction of the duty path will also be seen in the Republic Day parade. Because, according to the report, only 45,000 seats have been arranged this time. Significantly, every citizen of the country and foreign tourists also have a dream to enjoy this ceremony at least once on the path of duty.

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