Priyanka Gandhi’s son Raihan Vadra made a big statement about his career, said – I do not know where life will take

New Delhi: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra (Priyanka Gandhi Vadra) son Rehan Rajiv Gandhi Vadra ( Raihan Vadra said) that will take them do not know the life in them which direction. But so that in future it will also include photography ( Photography will be an important role).

First photo exhibition revealed

For any person belonging to the Nehru-Gandhi family, there is a general perception that his life will definitely have a political connection. However, 20-year-old Rehan says he would like to use the lens of the camera to connect with people, and further his understanding of life. He has started his first photo exhibition ‘Dark Perception – An Exposition of Space, Light and Time’. More than 40 photographs taken by Rehan, who has a passion for photography, are part of this exhibition.

Rehan told photography as a passion

On the sidelines of this photo exhibition, Rehan Vadra said, ‘I do not know where life will take me in the future. All I know is that I want to concentrate on photography for the time being. Rehan, who was born in Delhi and studied in Delhi, Dehradun and London, says he would like to focus on people through his photography. Asked if he is a trained photographer, he said that he had no major formal education in the field other than taking some qualities from his mother as a child and taking a two-week course in New York.

Have been doing photography since the age of 10 

Rehan says that, ‘I started photography from the age of 10. The forest has always fascinated me, and the earliest photographs I took are also related to forest and wildlife.’ Later I went to London to study and it was difficult to go to the forest there. In such a situation, the mood of my photographs changed and I turned towards street photography, photography related to events and photography related to life.

Imagination can be followed in the dark!

Regarding his photo exhibition, he said that in the dark you cannot form an opinion and you are free to develop any opinion you want. Blindness is freedom and perception is like a prison. His photo exhibition has started from last Sunday at Bikaner House and will continue till July 17.

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