Plasma Therapy: Now Plasma Therapy Will Not Treat Corona, ICMR Made Big Changes

Plasma Therapy: Plasma therapy will no longer be used to treat corona, new guideline released – Youth infected with Coronavirus will no longer be given plasma therapy for the treatment of corona in the country.

After review of ICMR and AIIMS, Plasma Therapy has been removed from the protocol for treatment of corona virus victims. Before taking this decision, it was said to review this plasma therapy.

In the treatment of Coronavirus, various types of questions were being raised in many parts of the country regarding Plasma Therapy. Meanwhile, many members of the ICMR were in favor of removing plasma therapy. In the midst of all this, it was also said that Plasma Therapy was constantly being used incorrectly. After all this, now the plasma therapy has been removed by changing the guidelines prepared for the treatment of the corona virus. 

Plasma Therapy was being used on a large scale

For the information, let us tell you that many types of remedies were adopted for the treatment after the coronary virus epidemic that has taken place, Plasma therapy was also one of all those remedies. Because some experts believed that the patients who had recovered from beating the corona virus, could be able to recover from the corona virus for the severely suffering victims.

Recently, many clinicians and scientists wrote a letter to PM Raghi’s Principal Scientific Secretary, Vijay Raghavan, warning against the “irrational and unscientific use” of covalent plasma for COVID 19 in the country. Public health professionals stated that the current evidence of plasma therapy on Covid (Covid19) and the ICMR guidelines are not based on existing evidence.

What is plasma therapy?

Plasma is a yellowish liquid component present in the blood. More than 55 percent of plasma is found in the healthy human body, in addition to water, it contains hormones, proteins, carbon dioxide and glucose mineral. Whenever a patient is cured of corona, the same plasma is taken and offered to patients suffering from corona. This whole process is called plasma therapy.

It is believed that if the plasma of the patient who has been cured of corona is offered to the patient suffering from corona, then the antibodies of the cured patient are transferred to the body of the sick person, after which they start fighting the antibodies virus. . But now the study that has come out about this is quite astonishing. In Britain, it was tested on 11 thousand people, but in this test, Plasma Therapy did not show any miracle on all 11 thousand people.

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