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Bahubali Shahabuddin did not die due to Corona, Tihar Jail told the news rumor



New Delhi. The news of the death of Mohammed Shahabuddin (Shahabuddin), who was a Member of Parliament from Bihar’s well-known Bahubali and Siwan Lok Sabha seats due to Corona Infection, has been reported by the Tihar Jail Administration as a rumor.

The Tihar Jail administration has said that the condition of the former MP is critical, he is undergoing treatment at Deendayal Upadhyay Hospital. Let us know that since this morning, there were reports of the death of the famous Bahubali leader of Bihar due to Corona, after which these reports were denied by the Tihar Jail Administration.

Shahabuddin, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Tihar Jail in the murder case, was admitted to the hospital on 21 April last month. His condition is critical after corona infection. There are more than three dozen criminal cases against Shahabuddin. Before going to Tihar Jail, he has also spent a long time in the jail of Bhagalpur and Siwan in Bihar.

He came out of jail after getting bail in the year 2018, but due to the cancellation of bail, he had to go back to jail. On 15 February 2018, the Supreme Court ordered the former RJD MP to be brought from Tiwan to Tihar Jail. Prisoners are also coming due to infection

On the other hand, Shahabuddin, a former Rashtriya Janata Dal MP and a close confidant of Lalu Prasad, was told by the Tihar Jail Administration that his condition is still stable. He was admitted to Deendayal Upadhyay Hospital after the Corona investigation report came positive, where doctors are monitoring his health.
Significantly, after the introduction of corona vaccination across the country, the practice of applying corona vaccine to inmates in Tihar Jail has also started. In the meantime, prisoners are also coming in the wake of the ever increasing infection.
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