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Vadodara hospitals face restriction on oxygen usage



The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) has issued a notification reducing the number of hospitals that can offer oxygen for Covid19 treatment following a cap on oxygen consumption and an allocated “quota” to districts by the state government.

Vadodara, which is consuming a daily supply of 160MT of Oxygen, has been asked to cap its consumption and make efforts to reduce by 10-15 MT. Late on Sunday evening, Officer on Special Duty for Covid19 Vinod Rao issued a notification classifying 164 private hospitals as Group C category, which is prohibited from admitting patients requiring oxygen treatment.

The notification issued by Rao on Sunday reads, “In order to ensure an uninterrupted supply of oxygen in all government and private hospitals in Vadodara, a Nodal Officer was appointed. It has been observed that the demand in Oxygen supplies has risen steeply in the last one week and the State Government has allocated a quota of oxygen for various districts as per the case load. Looking into the current situation…, it has been decided to make an arrangement of classifying hospitals into three categories.”

Group A will comprise private Covid Hospitals with highest number of patients on Oxygen support, ICU and ventilators, while Group B will have private Covid hospitals with fewer patients on oxygen support, ICU and ventilators, and Group C will include all other private Covid hospitals who will “only give treatment support for Covid patients not requiring piped and cylinder oxygen”, the notification said adding that all government hospitals will try to reduce their oxygen consumption by 10-15 per cent. While Group A has 25 hospitals, Group B has 50 hospitals.

“Group C hospitals shall cease to have any HDU beds with immediate effect. The existing patients may be treated until discharge but no fresh patients on oxygen support should be admitted except with own oxygen concentrators…” it adds.
The notification also prohibits prescribing oxygen thearpy for home-based Covid care and warns hospitals, clinics, NGOs and any other entities from hoarding of oxygen.

Rao told this newspaper, “The state government has asked all districts to cap the consumption… We have issued rigid procedures to the government hospitals to ensure that the wastage of oxygen is minimised.”

Meanwhile, the administration is going ahead with the construction of the dome triage in Gotri Covid19 hospital to prepare for the coming peak. Rao said, “It will be ready by the evening of April 28. It will have 300 beds, some with oxygen…”

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