Raj Kundra Arrested: This is how Soft Pornography used to play, know the INSIDE STORY of Raj Kundra and Dirty App

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra has been arrested by the Mumbai Police for making a soft pornography film. Apart from making a soft porn film, Raj Kundra is accused of making and uploading it on the app. Today Mumbai Police will present Raj Kundra in court. The police claim that they have enough evidence against Raj Kundra. The police has also arrested Umesh Kamath, who uploaded the video.

Raj Kundra is the main conspirator in the case

In February 2021, a case was registered by the Crime Branch in Mumbai for making soft pornography films and publishing them through some apps. In whose investigation the name of Raj Kundra was revealed. Kundra is accused of making obscene films and showing them on some apps. According to the FIR of the Crime Branch, Raj Kundra is the main conspirator in this case. The police had registered a case in this matter in the month of February itself and now Raj Kundra has been arrested. Late night the police got his medical done and he can be produced in the court today.

Sherlyn Chopra took Raj Kundra’s name

Mumbai Police had registered a case in February this year for making and uploading films related to soft pornography. On 26 March, Mumbai Police also took the statement of Ekta Kapoor in the same case. Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell has already recorded the statements of Sherlyn Chopra and Poonam Pandey. A case was registered against Raj Kundra in the month of February this year and now the crime branch team has arrested him. A case has been registered against Raj Kundra under sections of IT Act and IPC. According to the police, there is strong evidence against Raj Kundra. According to the FIR, the name of Raj Kundra was taken by Sherlyn Chopra in front of the police in this case.

30 lakhs used to get for a project

According to the police, Sherlyn Chopra says that it is Raj Kundara who brought her into the adult industry. Sherlyn Chopra used to get a payment of Rs 30 lakh for every project. According to Sherlyn, she has done 15 to 20 such projects.

movies uploaded from london

Now the police have got new information on where and who used to upload the films. According to the police, the movies were uploaded not from the country but from abroad and were uploaded by a close friend of Raj Kundra. According to the investigation of the police so far, films related to soft pornography were uploaded from London and this work was done by a person named Umesh Kamath.

How was soft pornography exposed?

According to the police, Umesh Kamath had also uploaded videos filmed on new actors and actresses on the application base website. The police also say that so far more than 90 porn videos have been shot and the same have been uploaded. This whole game of soft pornography came into the limelight for the first time when the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police arrested actress Gehana Vasisth. After the arrest of Gehna Vashishth, the layers of this case had slowly started to unfold.

Crime branch may demand custody of Raj Kundra

In this case, Mumbai Crime Branch can present Raj Kundra in the court and demand to be taken in custody so that more information can be obtained in the case. It remains to be seen whether the arrest of Raj Kundra as the main conspirator is the last link in this whole case or whether its strings are being connected elsewhere.

Porn films used to be shot in Malad West

Police investigation has also revealed that a bungalow was rented in Margao, Malad West in Mumbai to run this pornography racket, where the shooting of pornographic films was going on. Even when the police raided here, the shooting of pornographic films was going on. These pornographic movies and videos were uploaded on not one but many sites and money was earned.

Raj Kundra arrested after interrogation

On July 19 i.e. yesterday, the crime branch had called Raj Kundra for questioning. Raj Kundra reached the Byculla office of Mumbai Crime Branch at 9 pm. The interrogation lasted for about 2 hours and after that Raj Kundra was arrested at 11 pm. He was then taken to JJ Hospital for medical examination at 4 am and from there at 4.15 am to the Mumbai Police Commissioner’s office. Now there is a possibility that he will be presented in the court at 11 am.

What are the allegations against Raj Kundra

– Made obscene video
– Uploaded on website
– Case registered in February 2021
– Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra named
– Sherlyn and Poonam Pandey’s statement in Crime Branch

Raj Kundra’s web from London to Mumbai!

– Porn movies used to be uploaded from London
– Umesh Kamath used to upload porn movies
– Uploaded videos of new actors and actresses
– Uploaded videos on the application base website
– Shoots more than 90 porn videos, claims to be uploaded

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