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Co-Star Arrested In TV Actor’s Death. They Broke Up 15 Days Ago

Tunisha Sharma’s associates claimed she was killed by suicide, however the police claimed they were looking into every angle.

Sheezan Mohammed Khan is the co-director of actress Tunisha Sharma, TV actor who, on the weekend, allegedly committed suicide by suicide while working on filming for a television production at Vasai located in Maharashtra’s Palghar district — was detained after an abetment charge for suicide was filed against him, police announced today. He was today taken into custody for four days in the Vasai Court in Mumbai. Parth Zutshi, a actor, was summoned by police on Sunday to be interrogated regarding the incident.

The First Information Report, or FIR of the case found both actors involved in a relationship but had split fifteen days prior to the date of breakup. Tunisha Sharma was said to be under stress and it’s believed that stress was the reason that led her to the brink of suicide.

When he spoke to the media in front of the police station Mr Zutshi said that he was not on set during the incident, stated, “I was called for questioning by police and was asked general questions. I can’t comment on her relations, I don’t have any idea, it was her internal matter.”

Her autopsy was carried out in the Mumbai’s JJ Hospital early on Sunday police reported, noting that there were no injuries evidence on the body. Initial investigations suggested that she died because of asphyxiation.

The actor, who was 20 years old, was found in the washroom following having a tea break while filming the scene. Police from Waliv said they had to open the door because she was not seen for quite a while. The crew who shot her was taken to the hospital about 1:30 am, and they declared her dead.

Tunisha Sharma’s friends claimed that she committed suicide, but police investigated immediately and found there was no suicide note found. They have said they will look into her death from both suicide and murder perspectives.

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